Towards the end of the 1990s, first in North America (and predominantly in the San Francisco Bay Area) and later in Europe, a new word entered the vocabulary of entrepreneurship and economic development: The startup. It seems that no-one ever cared to provide a definition of what a startup actually is, as it was perceived rather as a phenomenon than a specific type of business. This phenomenon actually reached a level of explosive growth from 1998–99 until 2001–02, during the period that painfully ended up as the “DotCom Bubble”. …

The figure of the delusional paranoiac, believing he is Napoleon the Great or Einstein is quite common, if not in clinical cases, at least in comedy. Medical books describe it as “a chronic mental illness in which a person loses touch with reality”. It seems that large groups can also suffer from such delusions. How else to interpret the phenomenon where numerous European regions claim that they are or are in their way of becoming the “Silicon Valley in Europe”?

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The European policy for entrepreneurship development should not be the cultural equivalent of Las Vegas; Europe does deserve its own, authentic growth model centered on sustainability and inclusion.

Let’s get things straight: the Silicon Valley is only one, and is unique in very many aspects, such that it…

Since yesterday millions of people around the World celebrate the apparent victory of Joe Biden over President Donald Trump. Clearly, relief is the world that describes the feeling of most of this people.

I admit I am relieved, too. God knows how Mr. Trump would behave in case he was re-elected, after all this unprecedented polarization. Good news then, for sure. But let’s be honest: Being optimistic for the US in this situation is the definition of wishful thinking.

Bare in mind that half of the american population voted for Trump and, this time there are no excuses: They knew…

Social networks started as an awesome tool, but they’ve turned into a true nightmare. The society, the behavior of each and every one of us, is manipulated with the sole objective of absorbing all of our attention, a phenomenon with really devastating effects both on the level of the individual and the one of the groups to each of us belongs to.

At this point, radical as it may sound, there’s no other choice than simply getting off this matrix. We need to go out of the trap and re-invent social networking, making sure it is humane and ethical. We…

Greece is winning the war against the coronavirus thanks to discipline, organization and scientific approach.

The image below is from the yesterday’s celebrations by the fans of the team which won the Greek football league.

As you can see, each and every participant observes social distancing, they All wear masks and most of them have disinfectants at their disposal in case they happen to touch someone.

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Greetings from “North Korea of the West

July 20th, 1984

The majority of us understands what it takes to successfully deliver a project, no matter how ambitious or sophisticated it might be.

Few of us though can grasp the qualities necessary for building a successful product, which proves to be way beyond a never-ending project.

What’s impressive (and kinda frightening) however is how a small minority of us form these people who understand what it takes to build and grow an organization which will outlive its creators (who we tend to call ‘founders’).

This is what I try to do with Starttech Ventures — to create a kind of an engine that in turn creates thriving organizations.

Will this quest be successful? Still too early to judge. The cases of AbZorba Games, Epignosis and Yodeck nevertheless provide some quite encouraging indications.

My first interaction with an operating system was MS-DOS. Then, I had a little bit of experience with MS Windows 3.1.

It was only when I was admitted to Computer Science Department at the University of Crete, where I dived into the UNIX world, using SunOS, Solaris and HP-UX — and suddenly PCs were perceived as a kind of a toy — not for serious work in any case.

After starting Virtual Trip Ltd I realized that I had to use MS Office and that need made my return to the Microsoft world a kind of obligatory; I was probably…

We are nothing but our habits.

I‘m working from home as a #covidー19 precautionary measure as of March 9th. Since that day I rarely leave my apartment. It was on that Monday than thought I need a new workout ritual, an exercise habit.

Decided to go simple and try to do few sets of push-ups daily. That first day, I could do no more than 22 properly executed push-ups in a row; today, after a bit more than seven weeks, I made it to do 50 in a row, and actually it felt relatively easy.

I know that it doesn’t…

Dear friends,

I have been reading the devastating news about the coronavirus pandemic; Apparently more than 2,000,000 people have already been infected (actual figure should be perhaps an order of magnitude higher) and more than 100,000 fellow human beings have passed away out of this illness. No words suffice to describe the feelings of sadness caused by this reality.

Being in this so difficult situation, I somehow felt the need to send a brief note from Athens to fellow human beings all around the Globe, wishing that you and your loved ones are All well with this madness.

It doubtlessly…

Fellow peoples of Europe,

The European Union has been created and evolved the decades that followed the tragedy of the Second World War. It started with the primary objective of healing the open wounds of this unprecedented tragedy. It gradually evolved though to a closer and closer union of member states, which brought us to the ‘Erasmus Generation’, hundreds of millions of young people who feel Europe as their homeland.

As long as there were many Europeans with living memories from the Second World War, the necessity for the Union had never been challenged nor had its direction ever been…

Dimitris Tsingos

Entrepreneur at Starttech Ventures

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