Voting for Greece and going for the European Federal Union

Dimitris Tsingos
2 min readJun 21, 2023

First and foremost I would like to thank you All for your warm responses to my earlier message on the disqualification of the ‘Green and Purple’ coalition from the recent Greek parliamentary election on May 21st. I am very happy to see that this communication channel works and I feel blessed for having the luxury of communicating with so many friends both from home and from all over the world.

As you might know, these elections of May 21st did not result to the formation of a government, leading to a new election this Sunday June 25th. This time Volt Greece (one of the key members of the ‘Green and Purple’ coalition) does participate and I’d like to take this opportunity to express my enthusiastic support to them as well as to invite all of you who might vote in the Greek elections to consider supporting them.

This party, and of course the coalition as a whole, is the only candidate who openly and warmly supports a federal future for Europe. For a small country like Greece it doesn’t take much to realise that there is not really any alternative. Take for example the recent tragedy with the hundreds of refugees, many children included, finding a terrible death near the port of Pylos, in Peloponnese: Only a federal Europe can have the geopolitical gravity, and the pertinent means, to apply a policy to actually stop this tragic situation.

​How would the European Federal Union make this happen? In many different ways:

  • Via massive investment in the troubled countries,
  • Via enhancing their democratic institutions,
  • Via resolving the various conflicts which turn people desperate and ready to risk their lives and, also,
  • Via an organised migration policy which will help in Europe’s economic growth and social cohesion.

​What happens now is completely the opposite: Each and every European country follows a different, often conflicting foreign policy, with the devastating results like the one of the recent refugee boat disaster. Interestingly, we — as Europeans — seem to have accepted the role of passive observer and commentator, without really being able to influence the large geopolitical game played by the two superpowers of our era. Is this really a mindful decision by the people of Europe? I bet it is not.

​This unacceptable situation will only change with the creation of a new federal state in Europe, the European Federal Union and, in Greece, the only political organizations which raise this issue are no other than Volt Greece and the Green and Purple coalition.

​Look, then, the big picture. If you vote in the Greek election of June 25th, there’s only one pragmatic progressive choice: Vote for the ‘Green and Purple’ coalition. And, in any case, if you are a European make sure you join the ‘Movimento Insieme’ Movement for the European Federal Union!​