The Work in Greece meetup

I recently took the initiative to launch the Work-in-Greece program as well as a pertinent group on meetup.

This initiative comes as a natural next step from the success of the Scale-up Greece meetup. The mission of the latter is to promote scale-up entrepreneurship by demonstrating successful scale-ups out of Greece and connecting them to the community of entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in the topic.

One of the issues that steadily comes up when one talks with a scale-up Founder, something that also did happen in the cases of All scale-ups presented so far in our group (Epignosis, InsuranceMarket, Workable, Skroutz and LearnWorlds), is that efficient and effective hiring plays an ultra-vital role in the scaling process.

Many talk about a shortage of tech talent in Greece, often blaming the so-called ‘brain-drain’ for this phenomenon. I personally see nothing wrong with software engineers from Greece to move to other countries and explore opportunities there. It is actually a necessary step for progress, development and modernization.

Where the real problem actually lies is in the unidirectional nature of the flow; many software engineers leave Greece, (very) few are coming to Greece to work here.

I firmly believe that there’s no reason for this. Greece is a fabulous place to live and thankfully, there now exist a plethora of awesome tech companies headquartered in the country.

In order then to make it easier for international professionals to explore opportunities of working in Greece, we’ve created the Work-in-Greece group on meetup:

…you are All invited to join, and, kindly requested to share this group with anyone who you think they may be interested in it — first and foremost, with professionals of any nationality who live abroad and they might consider exploring opportunity in this beautiful country!



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