The time has come for a European Army

The world is watching the developments in Ukraine. I don’t mean to make any geopolitical analysis in this short message, as there are numerous resources already available. I do feel the need, however, to point out that Europe deserves better than what it currently is when it comes to the geopolitical arena.

The US, Russia and China lead this game; European countries try to position themselves, but the ugly truth is that no-one seems to be taking them seriously. The facts with Ukraine speak for themselves.

The European taxpayer pays a lot of money for defense; perhaps we need to pay even more, yet the existing level of investment is not insignificant. Still, the madness of replicating 27 different infrastructures sets a very low limit wrt the European defense operational capacity. More importantly, 27 different strategies leave no room for any effective intervention.

The time has come for a European Army. Not a close cooperation between the French, the German, the Italian and the Spanish army, but a true European Army which will be commanded by a Federal European government. Such a move will be the only solid guarantee that war will never again return to Europe.

As you might now, back in April 2020 I championed the launch of Movimento Insieme for the European Federal Union. The time to turn this Union into a reality is now.

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Dimitris Tsingos

Dimitris Tsingos

Entrepreneur at Starttech Ventures