Queen Elizabeth II: The end of an era

Dimitris Tsingos
1 min readSep 8, 2022

The sudden (at least, perceived as such) passing of Queen Elizabeth II signals the end of an era. The World’s history has now turned a new page.

Born in 1926, the Queen played a role in WW2, actually serving in the British armed forces (in a supportive role, apparently). Her 70+ years long reign witnessed tectonic shifts in the global geopolitical game: From the outbreak of the Cold War, the collapse of the British empire and all european colonial powers, the emergence of the US as the dominant western power, to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of China and India and global powers, the creation of the EU, the UK’s departure from it and much more.

Much as I’m a fierce supporter of republican democracy and I absolutely oppose monarchy, I can only admire the dedication of Queen Elizabeth II to her nation’s interest and pay my respect to her memory.

In a World where politics get more polarized than ever before, the role of the — often ceremonial — Heads of State suddenly became quite important, them being guardians of the constitution and of the fundamental democratic rights. Beyond any doubt, Queen Elizabeth II has played this role exceptionally well and for that very reason she deserves the respect of every democrat.

I wish that her successor will follow her paradigm and that the people of the United Kingdom will make the right decision for the interest of their country, of Europe and of the whole world.

Rest In Peace, Queen Elizabeth II.