Push-ups as a reminder of the power of habit

We are nothing but our habits.

I‘m working from home as a #covidー19 precautionary measure as of March 9th. Since that day I rarely leave my apartment. It was on that Monday than thought I need a new workout ritual, an exercise habit.

Decided to go simple and try to do few sets of push-ups daily. That first day, I could do no more than 22 properly executed push-ups in a row; today, after a bit more than seven weeks, I made it to do 50 in a row, and actually it felt relatively easy.

I know that it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to do a push-up; this achievement really reminded my however the extreme power of habits! Repetition makes miracles.

Human beings are just a collection of habits. No more and no less than that. You’d better then be very serious with choosing your own ones.



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