Our 22nd anniversary: Let’s focus on our values!

Dimitris Tsingos
2 min readSep 5, 2022

This Monday September 5th marks the 22nd anniversary since the creation of our first company at the Science and Technology Park of Crete in Heraklion. What now seems simple and business as usual, was quite unusual back then, especially when it comes to a startup founded by undergrad students.

The founders of the first student startup in Greece: Dimitris Tsingos, Miltos Vassilakis, Nickos Ventouras, Periklis Akritidis and Charalampos Gikas

We have been claiming that we were the first startup founded by undergrad students in Greece. It is very likely that we were indeed; but it doesn’t really matter. What matters, at least as we view things today, is the twenty-two years long consistency in following this dream.

Much as most of our beliefs were proven wrong over the years, the core values of this first team were on the contrary proven strong and they actually remain current and solid and they keep serving as the primary compass for our strategy across our portfolio.

On the occasion, then, of this 22nd anniversary, I’d like to strongly emphasize the importance of values; do not take anything for granted or given; don’t accept the several stereotypes imposed on you. Do question the values which are important for you and for your teams and try to make decisions in accordance with them.

From our side, the values of entrepreneurship, innovation, teamworks and, above all, the equal and fair share to value creation and in decision making, will keep driving what we do, hopefully for many years ahead. That first company ceased to exist a few years ago. Still, the values that made it happen, remain alive and boost our entrepreneurial ecosystem to heights that we could not even imagine back then, that Tuesday, September 5th, 2000.

And finally, above anything else, we do hope and believe that our colleagues and partners will keep finding these values inspiring in the years to come and will keep sharing this exciting journey of innovation, creativity and value creation for All.