My final post on LinkedIn

Social networks started as an awesome tool, but they’ve turned into a true nightmare. The society, the behavior of each and every one of us, is manipulated with the sole objective of absorbing all of our attention, a phenomenon with really devastating effects both on the level of the individual and the one of the groups to each of us belongs to.

At this point, radical as it may sound, there’s no other choice than simply getting off this matrix. We need to go out of the trap and re-invent social networking, making sure it is humane and ethical. We need to re-invent online advertising and make it ethical. In order to do this, we need. to roll back to where it all started: Personal web sites and email.

I very humbly then invite you All to connect with me on my email newsletter on — I promise that I won’t spam :)

My LinkedIn account will be deleted next Friday, October 2nd.

Looking forward to communicating with each and everyone of you outside this social manipulation platform!

ps. And btw, I do urge you to read “Factfulness”, one of the best books ever written! Opposite to what the so-called social media make you believe, the world is getting a better place and polarization is the worst thing to do for further improving it.



Entrepreneur at Starttech Ventures

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