March 18th, 2022: A day to remember

March 18th, 2022, is the official day of birth of the Movimento Insieme for the European Federal Union! We have completed its formalization as an Italian association.

I’d like to thank each and everyone of the approximately 500 fellow European who have already been part of this endeavor. Movimento Insieme is here for accelerating Europe’s federal integration. This is the highest homage to the generations before us as well as the best contribution we can give to our friends and families as well as the generations who will succeed us.

I’d like to thank in particular my good friends Filippo Sottovia⁩ and Carlo Bindoni⁩ for joining me in the required formalities as well as for helping in dealing with bureaucracy.

We shall very soon share info on how we can all become official members and, of course, about coordinating our next activities.

Viva Movimento Insieme, Viva Europa! 🇪🇺



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Dimitris Tsingos

Dimitris Tsingos

Entrepreneur at Starttech Ventures