A shame for the Hellenic Republic: The disqualification of Volt Greece

Dimitris Tsingos
2 min readMay 7, 2023

As you All know I am a passionate believer in Europe’s federal integration. I work for the creation of the European Federal Union, having envisioned a superpower of peace, liberty, equality and culture. Much as I have decided not to join any European political party, so that I stay faithful to the promise that the ‘Movimento Insieme’ Movement for the European Federal Union is open to each and every European, regardless of their political beliefs and ideology, it goes without saying that I am happy to observe the creation of pan-European political parties with Volt Europa being an outstanding example of such a (very much needed) initiative.

It drew my attention that Volt Europa got active in Greece, too. Volt Greece was about to participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections of May 21st, in a coalition with the local Greens and other like-minded liberal and progressive partnerts. While I do not necessarily agree with all the positions of Volt Greece, it was a kind of an oasis in the deserted landscape of Greek politics. At least they are federalist and pro-environment, which both are pillars for any progressive development in our small country. As a voter, I had already made my choice to vote for them.

I was, then, shocked to find out that the Greek high court finally disqualified the coalition of which Volt Greece is a member, citing some (very frankly) ridiculous bureaucratic reasons. It is extremely worrying and frustrating.

This unbelievable decision provides some more evidence for the bitter state of democracy in the country where it was invented. Or, to put it straightforward, the fact that democracy was invented in Greece 25 centuries ago provides no guarantee that modern Greece is a truly democratic state (at least in the modern, western European sense of the word ‘democratic’).

I would like to call you All to speak up and to reach out to whoever you think it makes sense; it is completely unacceptable for an EU Member State to follow such practices, with the executive influencing the judicial power in a completely unthinkable way. I really hope and wish that the responsible European Authorities will not stay silent in front of this unbelievable development.